To Produce valuable patriotic citizens of future India

About Erode Arts and Science College

Erode Arts and Science College, one of the premier Government Aided Colleges in Tamilnadu, founded by Sir. Chevalier Dr. R.A.N. Muthusamy Mudaliar with the cooperation of Philanthropists in and around Erode, has been distinct in that is serving first generation students coming for higher education from the rural areas and under privileged sections of the society to a larger extent. Erode Arts and Science College with its long history, healthy traditions and humble achievements, is a unique Institution in several ways.

Erode Arts and Science College has been doing yeoman service in promoting Higher Education and contributing to the national development through its various Curricular, Co-curricular and Extension activities, and it has carved out for itself, over the years, a pride of place in the Academic World. Graduates coming out of the portals of the College through their action and achievements have been rendering the Institution proud of them.

The College regards Education as a Mission to serve the People and the Nation at large. By educating and molding students to be patriotic and to take up responsibility willingly and voluntarily with all their commitment and social accountability expected of them in return of what the Government is spending on them, the Institution believes it is doing better justification.

It is evident and best understood that we are living in an important age. This is the age of accelerated change; the age of unprecedented developments in the information and communication technologies. It is here that Education comes into picture and plays a very important role.

The College over a period of 45 years, ever since its inception and as an Institution enjoying Autonomy for the past 30 years has introduced many Application Oriented and Job Oriented Programmes in response to the social needs and market demand. Besides the Curricular Excellence the Institution has been fostering service mindedness and accountability, and social commitments among the young minds.

Balancing social needs and the needs of the employment market is a hallmark of education for the new age. We are aware that Education has Broader, Multiple Goals. James Mason Wood aptly put it: Education must have dual objectives-education for living and education for making a living. The challenges are to strike a balance between these two goals. Erode Arts and Science College Programmes aim at achieving this balance. Education is a continuous life long process. Erode Arts and Science College will continue to be beacon in the realm of Higher Education in India.

The college is with

  • Serene and Conducive Environment for Education.
  • Curricular Excellence.
  • Well qualified and dignified faculties.
  • State of Art digital Library, Laboratories and Smart class rooms.
  • Career guidance and placement cell.
  • Best Communication Lab.
  • Skill Development councils NSS, NCC, YRC, RRB, Blood donation club, Eco club.
  • Guidance cell for differently abled.
  • Fine arts club.
  • Department Associations.
  • IAS Academy and Training centre for competitive examinations of Central and State services.
  • ISDN Browsing Center.
  • Health Care.
  • Grievance Redressal Cell.
  • Teaching Learning Technology Laboratory.
  • Separate Men and Women Hostels.
  • Gender Champion Club.

To Produce valuable patriotic citizens of future India