To Produce valuable patriotic citizens of future India

College Union

For facilitating the creation of a learner centric and conducive environment for quality education, establishment of a College Union is mandatory in every Institution. There is existence of a college union in our college.

Members of the College Union

All the teachers and students of the college shall be the members of the College Union


  1. Developing good character and conduct
  2. Promoting good relationship between Teachers and Students
  3. Providing knowledge oriented quality education

Election to the college Union

  1. The class representative of each class will be elected among the respective class students.
  2. All the elected class representatives will select the chairman of the union from the final year post graduate students, and the secretary of union will be elected from the final year under graduate students, the vice - chairman and joint secretary will be elected from the second year and first year under graduate students respectively.

Composition of the College Union

PresidentPrincipal of the college
Vice-PresidentFaculty Nominated by the Principal
Student ChairmanFinal year Post Graduate Student
Student SecretaryFinal year Under Graduate Student
Student Vice ChairmanSecond year Under Graduate Student
Student Joint SecretaryFirst year Under Graduate Student

Features of the College Union

  • The decision of the principal will be the final in the selection of the student office bearers of the college union. The principal will be the permanent president of the college union, will always chairs the meeting of the union office bearers and in his absence vice president will chair the meeting. The term of the office bearers will be one year only except the president.
  • The President of the union shall have the power, may or may not fill the post of the office bearers whenever it becomes vacant.
  • The student union Secretary should arrange the meeting with the permission of the president.
  • The union members shall not act against the policies of the college and the government.
  • Without prior permission from the president, the members shall not represent the college for any function outside the college.
  • The President shall have the power to remove the office bearers from their positions whenever finds their function if any against the welfare of the college.
  • Without getting the permission from the President, the college union meeting shall not be arranged. The programme of the meeting, the President for the meeting, chief guest, date, venue and the theme shall be brought to the notice of the President prior to the arrangement of the meeting.
  • Any news release related to the college shall not be made with news papers/magazines without the permission of the Principal.
  • The proposed expenditure for any activity of the union shall be approved by the Principal forwarded through the Vice President.

To Produce valuable patriotic citizens of future India