To Produce valuable patriotic citizens of future India


To ensure clean environment within the institution an Eco-Club is functioning in the college.

Objectives of the Club

  • To create awareness about the ecological degradation and the need for eco system protection.
  • To create awareness on environmental issues and highlights basic health and hygiene care among the public.
  • To encourage students to undertake mini projects on economic impacts of environmental pollution.
  • To plant and maintain saplings in places close to the college and to ensure the region a Plastic Free Zone.

Activities of ECO Club in the Previous year

The Eco club of our College has arranged Seemai karuvela tree eradication programme at Rangampalayam village and the surroundings on 3rd March 2017. Pamplets were distributed throughout the village about the ill effects of the plant. The villagers were educated about necessity of destruction of seemai karuvela tree unless it will cause severe damage to the environment and it deeply absorbs the ground water and leads to heavy drought. The villagers were advised to remove those trees from their nearby areas. The student members of the Eco club were eradicated the seemai karuvela trees in the village and the surrounding manually.

The club organized special lecture programme by Mr. R. Murugavel, science writer and environmentalist on Role of Youth in protection of environment. His lecture motivated the students about their responsibilities in conservation of nature and the resources. He advised the students to protect our environment from depletion of nature due to mankind. He explained the role of youth in renewal of green trees and social forestry. His talk provided the guidelines to take steps for protect environment for future life.

CoordinatorMember ( Aided )Member ( Unaided )
Dr. K. Saravanan,
Associate Professor
Dr. P. Stalin,
Assistant Professor
Ms. N. Shanmugapriya,
Assistant Professor
Dr. K. Babu,
Assistant Professor
Dr. D. Subashini,
Assistant Professor

To Produce valuable patriotic citizens of future India