To Produce valuable patriotic citizens of future India

Vishaka Cell

Creation of conducive academic, administrative and social environment is the primary objective of the institution. To ensure gender equality, human rights, equal opportunity and in pursuance of the Sexual Harassment of girl students and women Staff in the college as a co-education higher educational institution, an Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) has been constituted in the academic year 2014-2015 as per the guidelines of UGC and Government.

CoordinatorMember ( Aided )Member ( Unaided )
Dr. K. Malar,
Associate Professor
Dr. M. Vaanmalar,
Assistant Professor
Dr. S. Kalaivani,
Assistant Professor

The committee members are empowered to receive complaints of sexual harassment and sex abuse within the campus from any aggrieved girl student and women staff. Such complaints are then forwarded to Chairman of the committee within a short period and subsequently notified to other members.

The committee shall discus and decide on its jurisdiction and recommend to head of the institution for further course of action taking into consideration of rendering natural justice to the aggrieved person.

The committee also submits annual report on gender issues for onward transmission to the university, conditions of women employees and students, facilities available to them.

To Produce valuable patriotic citizens of future India