To Produce valuable patriotic citizens of future India

Research, Innovations and Extension

3.1.1 The institution’s research facilities are frequently updated and there is a well-defined policy for promotion of research which is uploaded on the institutional website and implemented minutes of the Governing Council/ Syndicate/Board of Management related to research promotion policy adoption.

3.4.1 The Institution ensures implementation of its Code of Ethics for Research uploaded in the website through the following:

  • Research Advisory Committee
  • Ethics Committee
  • Inclusion of Research Ethics in the research methodology course work
  • Plagiarism check through authenticated software

Code of Ethics for Research, Research Advisory Committee and Ethics Committee constitution and list of members of these committees, software used for plagiarism check

3.4.3 Number of research papers per teacher in CARE Journals notified on UGC website

3.4.4 Number of books and chapters in edited volumes / books published per teacher

3.6.1 Extension activities carried out in the neighbourhood sensitising students to social issues for their holistic development, and the impact thereof

3.6.2 Awards and recognition received by the Institution, its teachers and students for extension activities from Government / Government-recognised bodies

3.6.3 Extension and Outreach Programmes conducted by the institution through NSS/NCC/Red Cross/YRC, etc. (including Government-initiated programmes such as Swachh Bharat, AIDS Awareness, and Gender Sensitization and those organised in collaboration with industry, community and NGOs)

3.7.2 Functional MoUs with institutions of national and/or international importance, other universities, industries, corporate houses, etc. (only functional MoUs with ongoing activities to be considered

To Produce valuable patriotic citizens of future India